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Last Update: 31.12.2014
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•  Hydraulic cylinders for loads application
•  Fixed data acquisition system
•  Portable data acquisition system I
•  Portable data acquisition system II
•  Transducers and signal amplifiers
•  Hydraulic installation SHA Hydropulse system for testing agricultural machinery
•  Command and control equipment for modernizing the installation for testing in simulated and accelerated regime
•  Equipment and accessories to modernize the installation for testing in simulated and accelerated regime
•  ORSTA type servo valves for hydraulic cylinders of installation for testing in simulated and accelerated regime
•  Interconnecting boards for Microstar Data Acquisition Board DAP 5200
•  Cut-off machine MECATOME T255/300
•  Polishing machine MECAPOL P 262
•  GX51 Inverted metallurgical microscope
•  Carbon and sulphur analyser
•  Analytical balance
•  Equipment for determining the strength of mechanical structures
•  System for effort evaluation and distribution in the soil for hydropulse installation made of transducers (8 pcs.) hardware and software interface
•  U2B/2KM force transducer; U2B/50Kn force transducer; S2/20N force transducer; S2/50N force transducer; T4WA-S3 torque and rotation transducer; MECO adaptive module for strain gauges
•  ML 455 strain gauge amplifier; ML 10B + AP14 strain gauge amplifier
•  Schore A + D hardness testing equipment
•  Micro hardness testing equipment
•  Chest freezer with accessories; Oven with laboratory accessories
•  Multichannel measurement system
•  Balma Antares compressor
•  Tensometric transducer; Measurement amplifier; Piezoelectric accelerometer
•  Fastec camera line; Camera tripod; Lamp 150W; USB – 9233; Software Licence; NI SOUND vibr. Software; NI BNC Connectors; Laptop HP nx9420 T200
•  Complex system for analysis in static, dynamic and vibrations regime of experimental models and prototypes of technical equipment from machines manufactury industry

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